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Please review the Company Policy listed below prior to booking an appointment.

Please book your appointment in advance - we fill up fast!


  • Appointments are subject to cancellation and or rescheduling.

  • All clients are required to have an appointment. 

  • No walk in clients shall be permitted.

  • All clients must possess a US Government issued identification while on the premises.

  • Only the principal client shall be permitted on site.  

  • No outside firearms, weapons, ammunition or dangerous items are permitted on the property.  Unless otherwise stated by the owner.

  • No animals are permitted on the property. 

  • No smoking or vaping is permitted on the property.

  • The use of photography, audio and or video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.  

  • Any person(s) found in violation of said rules and regulations will be trespassed from the property and may be subject to prosecution.



A. Requirements Section 18.2-308.2:2, of the Code of Virginia.

It is a Class 6 felony for any person, except for a law-enforcement officer in the performance of his official duties or other person under the direct supervision of the law enforcement officer, to attempt to solicit or otherwise entice a firearms dealer to transfer or otherwise convey a firearm other than to an actual buyer. A person who willfully and intentionally aids or abets a person violating this provision is likewise guilty of a Class 6 felony. "Actual buyer" means a person who executes the consent form required in subsection B or C of the SP65, or other such firearm transaction records as may be required by federal law.

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